About Global Buddies


How does Global Buddies work?

At the heart of Global Buddies are the individual Buddy Groups. Each Buddy Group is made up of six visiting students and two Buddy Group Leaders. The Buddy Group is your most direct point of contact with the Global Buddies Programme. You will meet up with your Buddy Group on a regular basis. It helps with settling into a new city, country, and the University to have a ready-made group of contacts to explore the city with or share tips and experiences with. Many Buddy Groups become friends and event stay in touch once they've left Edinburgh!


Six Buddy Groups make up a Supergroup − so there are 48 Buddies in total in a Supergroup. Each Supergroup is looked after by two Supergroup Leaders who organise activities and check in with Buddy Group Leaders on a regular basis to make sure everyone enjoys the programme. Supergroup Leaders act as the liaison between their Supergroup and the Committee.


Global Buddies is organised by a Committee, see who they are here