The Activities Awards are back on Monday 26 March for another year!


Join us as we come together and celebrate your collective achievements over the past year!






This year you can nominate your group or Society for the following categories!
Nominations will be open until 29 January 2018!





To ensure we capture all the great things you and your group or Society have been working on this year, we've revised our categories.

This year we are proud to announce 11 categories, with new awards for Fundraising and Social Enterprise.





Nominate a volunteer who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty.

They should put in a lot of time, either in direct delivery of projects or in behind the scenes organisation and running of projects.

This Volunteer should be always keen to get stuck in, lead innovation and contribute to group cohesion.

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Nominate a Society Star! This award recognises that stellar quality of certain Society members. 

Is there a leading light in your committee whose drive and passion have made a real impact to your Society?

Do you have a member whose warmth and consideration makes the projects you undertake more enjoyable?

Do you want to recognise the input of a long serving member whose service has shaped your Society for the better?

This award recognises all these services and more.

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Nominate the committee member who is the best at leading, managing and supporting their Society members.

They should have good communication with the communities they work with, be a responsive and thoughtful listener to their group and react well to feedback, whether positive or negative. They should be constantly looking to improve and develop their Society, and should have put in exceptional work to achieve this.

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Nominate an event which has gone above and beyond expectations.
If you have organised a special event this year which has inspired people, thrilled audiences or participants and really made an effort
to get others involved, please nominate for this award! We are looking for events which were innovative, well designed and one of a kind.
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Nominate a Society that is all about having a good time and ensuring your members truly enjoy their experience.
Have they made any particular efforts to consider how inclusive and accessible their events and projects are and implemented these with success?
‘Most Wecloming Society’ is for those who stand out in creating that community feeling all groups should strive for.
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Nominate a new Society that has been registered after March 2017.

This award recognises where a new group has kicked off their Students' Association journey with a bang!

If you feel that a group has excelled in their first year and made a special effort to reach out to members and make yourself known on campus then nominate them now.

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This is the award for the most outstanding volunteering project. It can be a project run by a society, other student group or individual UoE student. The project should be well run, address a gap, have had a large positive impact, be creative and sustainable as well as bring something excellent to the community, and make a real, measurable difference.

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This award recognizes a social enterprise project registered with the Students’ Association that has had a significant impact on the community it works with. Great social enterprise projects generate profits with a charitable mission, whether that be developing skills for vulnerable community members, reducing environmental impact, or selling eco-friendly products with social benefits. The project of the year can be a either a registered stand-alone venture or part of a larger registered group, but either way it has made a meaningful difference! 

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Once you have nominated, make sure you buy your ticket for the awards on Monday 26th March!
Hosted at the Assembly Rooms on George Street in Edinburgh.

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These are the qualities we look for in our Societies here at Edinburgh University Students' Association and we are looking to reward

the group we feel has best embodied these attributes over the past year. A group that has given its all in reaching out to new people,

expanding horizons, enriching members’ experience and showcasing all the very best which you have to offer consistently throughout the year.

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~~~ Last Year's Winners ~~~
Star Volunteer

Hannah Crosby-Wood | Edinburgh Global Partnerships

Runner Up

Lorna MacFarlane | Advice Place



Outstanding Contribution Award

Jon Betts | Children's Holiday Venture



Society Star

Brittany Serafin | Edinburgh University History Society

Runner Up

Lisa Burnside | Wind Band



Committee Member of the Year (Societies)

Eve Thomas-Davies | A Cappella Society

Runner Up

Ruby Trudgen | History Society



Committee Member of the Year (Volunteering)

Calum Mackie | Children’s Holiday Venture

Runner Up

Hannah Milligan | Edinburgh Outreach Archaeology Project



Best Group Event

US Election Night Party | Political Union and North American Society

Runner Up

Scotland’s Future in the EU | European Union Society



Most Welcoming Group

Debates Union

Runner Up

History Society



Best Newcomer (Societies)


Runner Up

Surgical Society




Academic | History Society

Arts & Performance | Television Society (EUTV)

Community & Campaigning | Amnesty International Society

Interest & Appreciation | Harry Potter Society

International, Faith & Multicultural | Islamic Society

Political, Skills & Finance | Buchanan Institute

Volunteering Groups | Best Buddies



Star Group of the Year

Islamic Society