We have already seen some of the amazing work done by the Vegetarian and Vegan Society and Student Voice for Animal Rights in the Food & Recipes section of this Green Guide, but we have many other Societies and Social Enterprises who are doing some amazing work! You can check some of them out below – click on the links to learn more and find their contact details.



More student groups to check out!


Edinburgh Collaborative

Edinburgh Collaborative brings together key stakeholders from student-led organisations as a collective voice for change. They are currently collaborating with the University and Students’ Association to construct a new plastics policy that aims to rid cafés of single-use plastic. Edinburgh Collaborative has the aim of balancing student experience and bettering our impact on the environment and community. With this in mind, they aim to make sure that single-use plastic alternatives are user-friendly, as well as environmentally-friendly. As a student led initiative they aim to encourage as many students as they can to take part in their campaigns, as they believe a collaborative force is the most effective means of making change. Learn more here.


Marine Conservation Society

The purpose of this Society is to engage the student community in marine conservation issues, provide an opportunity for students to get involved with practical conservation work and fundraising activities, and provide a network of people interested in the subject. This will serve to increase both awareness and action in the student and wider community to tackle current issues in marine conservation.


Plant Society

Plant Society believe there is a gap in the academic system surrounding plant sciences, and so they want to close this gap by providing a Society in which people can pursue their interest in plant sciences. This is a rapidly growing field and pressing issue in the light of climate change. By proving this Society they hope to bring people closer to the issues and show them how they can change their world.