During the 2018/19 academic year, we developed our Strategic Plan 2019-25. We undertook research and input sessions with thousands of students to make sure the Plan reflects what our members want to see us work on.


The Plan outlines our Ambition (where we want to be by 2025) and Priorities (the work we’ll do to make sure we reach our Ambition), with performance Measures for the five years ahead.


Our Principles are the way in which we will approach and deliver our plan – the values that we uphold – and our Purpose underpins our existence.


Everything we do is aimed at making sure our student members have the best possible experience while at the University of Edinburgh; be that through academic and social support or facilitates we provide. We look forward to working together to deliver this Plan and we’ll continue to regularly carry out research and provide opportunities for students to let us know how they think we’re doing.



If you have any questions or comments on the strategic plan please contact reception@eusa.ed.ac.uk