Volunteering Impact Fund


The Volunteering Impact Fund (VIF) was established to help you run the best projects you can, for your volunteers, beneficiaries and the wider community. Only projects that are local and hands-on volunteering activities will be granted funding. You can apply for funding for any amount up to £500 to run creative, positive and effective volunteering projects. However, additional funding may be considered for exceptional projects. This fund is for Volunteering Groups, Sports Clubs,  Societies, and University of Edinburgh School/Departments.



Global Fund


The Global Fund provides small grants ranging from £30 to £200 to support student-led activities, events and projects on campus. The Fund aims to:

- Celebrate the diversity of cultures at the University of Edinburgh
- Promote integration between home and international students
- Encourage conversations on global issues and support global citizenship
- Create an international community on campus


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact cameron.perumal@eusa.ed.ac.uk



Social Enterprise Fund


The Start-Up Fund is administered by the Activities Department and provides discretionary funding to brand-new Social Enterprise Groups or projects. The fund is intended for early stage start-ups that require financial support to kick start their activities, with the objective of reaching a point where the activity is self-sustaining and generates its own income.



Social Responsibility and Sustainability Student Project Grant


We’ve teamed up with the University’s Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability to provide this grant to support student-led projects which focus on sustainability and social responsibility. This year’s application deadline was 10 November 2017.


The Social Responsibility and Sustainability Student Project Grant provides small amounts of funding (up to £500) to support student-led projects focusing on sustainability and social responsibility such as:


- Energy and carbon
- Fair trade
- Food and drink
- Resource efficiency
- Sustainability in learning and teaching
- Sustainable travel



Student Council


Do you believe the Students' Association should make a statement of principle on an issue relating to students? Do you have an idea for a campaign or project that you think EUSA should run? Do you need funding for your own campaign?  

If yes, then you should submit a proposal to Student Council!