What is it and who can participate?

This award is open to any student who is a committee member of a Society and recognises significant achievements by committee members over the year. It encourages students to reflect critically on their progress as committee members, on the skills they have developed, and on the impact they have made on the student community through their role.


What’s involved?

Office Bearers are required to complete Input 1 online to take part in this award, as well as four in person sessions; one society meet and greet, and three training workshops. These events are all designed to boost the skillset of the Office Bearers and give them the opportunity to network with other Societies.


Input 1

ASPIRING: This focuses on students identifying / understanding context-specific ‘excellence’, what that means for them personally, what their own priorities are and planning for this.
Online                    Skills questionnaire


Input 2

DEVELOPING: This input focuses on progress and embedding – surfacing students’ progress and development, how this has been achieved, alternative approaches that could be used for challenges faced and revised action plans.
In person               Skills training sessions x 3 (1.5 hours each)



Online                   Personal reflections x 3

                              Peer reviews x 8


Input 3

OWNING: This input focuses on students seeing, selling and using the ways in which they have benefited and developed – i.e. how has operating in this context impacted on you, and how have you impacted on the context?  It seeks to capture, solidify and look to the future.
In person               Interview Skills workshop x 1 (2 hours)


Online  Skills Assessment
  Personal reflections x 3
  Peer assessment
  Skills questionnaire


How can I sign up?

To sign up for the award you need to have completed your Office Bearer training on Learn and signed up through the link provided at the end.

To find out more, please contact ActivitiesEdAward@eusa.ed.ac.uk


The training has closed for this year but will reopen to newly elected Office Bearers in April 2019. If you are interested in becoming a committee member next academic year, keep your eyes peeled for the link in the training to sign up for the Edinburgh Award for Office Bearers 2019-20.