Leadership in Student Opportunities Edinburgh Award 2020-21




This Award is open to any student and recognises students’ contributions and impact on their chosen activity and community as well as providing an opportunity for leadership development.


During this Award you will engage in invaluable reflective practices that will help you capitalise on and develop the skills and responsibilities that you are most interested in. You will also join a community of peers from other strands across the University who are working towards similar aims, giving you the chance to network and share best practice. At the end you will receive a certificate of completion from the University of Edinburgh Careers Service as well as an addition to your University transcript.


Completing the award involves a compliment of volunteering hours, reflective writing and online activities and skills development workshops. All components must be completed within the deadlines in order to gain the Award.


If you are interested, please make sure you have read the eligibility requirements below as well as the Award outline.


To register for the award please complete this form  


Sign-ups are open from 5pm on Monday 14th September and close at 5pm on Friday 30th October 2020.


If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us at activitiesedaward@eusa.ed.ac.uk.


Am I eligible to participate?


All students from the following groups can take part in the Leadership in Student Opportunities Edinburgh Award:



You must be a trained volunteer at the time of starting the Award and volunteer for the duration of it.


If you are in a role supporting students that is not included in the above list and you feel you are able to fulfil the requirements outlined below, please get in touch and we will judge these on a case by case basis.


What will a year on this Edinburgh Award look like?


The award will begin on the 1st November 2020 and run until the end of March 2021. It will include the following:


Input 1, Contextualising Leadership:
  • This live online workshop will take your through the process of framing your role in the context of leadership and introduce you to the model of reflective practice that will be used throughout the year. Finally, you will identify the skills and interests you want to develop over the course of the Award in the context of your role.  
  • Submission: Complete and submit a skills self-assessment to the Edinburgh Award Team at the Students’ Association.


Input 2, Skills Development and Reflection:
  • This input will run offline at your own pace and will ask you to spend time developing and evaluating your chosen skills by continuing to volunteer and attending skills workshops (see below)
  • Submission: Submit an updated reflection to the Edinburgh Award Careers Service for peer review (you will be required to anonymously peer review other students work as part of this process).


Input 3, Communicating your experience and embedding reflective practice:

  • The final input will consist of a graduate skills online workshop where you will practice communicating your experiences. Finally, we will reflect on the process of the award and identify useful practices to take forward.
  • Submission: Complete and submit a final reflection the Edinburgh Award Careers Service for peer review (you will be required to anonymously peer review other students work as part of this process).


As well as completing each input with the relevant submission you will also need to ensure you complete the following ongoing work:


  • Log a minimum of 50 hours of volunteering within the timeframe of the Award, using this as a way to reflect on your development, the impact you have made and where your focus has been. These hours can be accrued from the beginning of the academic year until the end of March 2021.
  • Attend 3 workshops within the time frame of the Award. These can be from the Students’ Association workshop calendar or via online resources such as LinkedIn, Learning or Future Learn. Please note the latter must be approved by Students’ Association Edinburgh Award Staff.


There will be no leeway unless there are extenuating circumstances, which will be considered on a case by case basis.


A full breakdown of dates can be found here. Further details of each input will be made available once we start the Award from the 1st November.