The Edinburgh Award is a recognition scheme for University of Edinburgh students. It helps you to reflect on your experience so that you can develop skills that increase your employability. It is designed to wrap around the activities that you are already involved in, and encourages you to get the most out of these experiences.


The Students' Association coordinates several different strands of the Edinburgh Award:


  • - Advice Place Volunteer
  • - Charitable Fundraising
  • - Leadership in Student Opportunities
  • - Student Staff


The Award facilitates development of transferrable skills that you can apply in your professional career and other areas of your life. Students who previously participated in the Edinburgh Award with the Students' Association said that it helped them to:


  • - increase their self-awareness
  • - recognise and make the most of their existing strengths
  • - focus on developing new skills through their work with the Students' Association 
  • understand the impact of their work and how they make a difference at the Students' Association and the University
  • - demonstrate and confidently explain their work to others, including potential employers.

By taking part in the Edinburgh Award, you will receive additional support and professional development sessions which will help you reflect on your activities and develop your skills. You will have an opportunity to network with others who are working or volunteering in similar roles.


You will also receive a certificate of recognition from the University and the Edinburgh Award will be included on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) – an expanded record of your achievements within the university.



Actually, it doesn’t!  We know you are busy with your studies, activities, part-time work, social and personal commitments. If you are already involved in eligible activities, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make the most of your time and get recognition from the University and the Students' Association.


The only extra time involved in the Edinburgh Award is usually attendance at a few workshops throughout the year, and submitting reflective assignments at three stages. These vary across the different strands and the Award Leader will be able to provide you specific information about the strand you are interested in.


Just a few extra hours gets you added support from the Students' Association, as well as valuable development opportunities and Edinburgh Award recognition on your HEAR.



You can find out more about particular the Students' Association's Edinburgh Award strands and how to register your interest by clicking on the buttons below.


For general questions, please visit the Edinburgh Award page on the University’s website or email the Edinburgh Award team at





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