Towards the end of each academic year, the Students' Association holds a series of fantastic annual award ceremonies, where we recognise and celebrate both our student and staff members’ achievements. 





Teaching lies at the heart of the university experience, which is why we want to celebrate the best of the teaching on offer at the University of Edinburgh. The Teaching Awards allow students to nominate an outstanding teaching experience and thank academic and support staff who have truly impacted you this year. The award not only celebrates teachers, but also courses, research and dissertation supervisors and professional and administrative staff in order to recognise everyone that deserves it. The 2018 Teaching Awards will take place Thu 26 April. Nominate your heros by Friday 16th February!








The Impact Awards celebrate inspiring work at the University of Edinburgh in Student Representation, Global experiences, and Peer Learning and Support. Perhaps your Peer-Assisted Learning scheme has helped you excel in you studies or your Class Rep has gone above and beyond to ensure that your academic experience is the best it can be? Or maybe your Edinburgh Buddy went the extra mile to help you settle in. Find out more and nominate here.








With over 250 societies, and 14 volunteering groups at Edinburgh University Students' Association, there are a lot of achievements to be recognised here. Every year we encourage you to attend an exclusive night of glamour that is the Activities Awards, in celebration of the groups and individual members, as well as the overall Student Group of the Year.  This year's event will take place on Tue 21 March 2017, at the stunning Edinburgh Assembly Rooms. Get your tickets here!