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round logo_transparent.pngWelcome to the Theatre Paradok’s EUSA profile. We're so glad you've found us. 


Theatre Paradok is a performing arts society. Our aim is to put on productions that are experimental without being exclusive. 

Each semester we vote on a play, dedicate our time to it, and put it on. We have performed in venues all over the city; traditional theatres, gothic churches, the basement of McEwan Hall…  We’ve grown over the last ten years, with an ever-growing team of actors, costume-makers, make-up artists, set-designers, artists, musicians, technicians and everything in between. We hope you’d like to be a part of that growing team. We encourage new writing and experimental approaches to theatre. We will be putting on a few workshops each semester this year to develop acting/directing skills and to discuss ‘alternative theatre’ and its meanings. Paradok is an open space where members can try new techniques and learn from each other.


This semester we are running a physical theatre play-group, Golden Time, every Thursday from 5pm in the Chaplaincy. Come along!


To get all our updates, find us on facebook! or if you have any questions, email us at


This semester's production is 'Hatters'

A darkly abstract exploration of fractured identity and illusion through the rabbit hole of 1930s London. The production will be partially devised, and follow the Bright Young Things' search for meaning in a world of mirrors as the decade hurtles towards the Second World War. Directed and envisioned by Sibylla Khalid



Auditions for our Fringe show, 'Mrs. Dalloway' will begin on the 12th of March. We are also still looking for production team for this show, so get in touch if you're interested!



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