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Edinburgh University's Alternative Theatre society. Creativity and whimsy combined with a pinch of nostalgia to bring out something sometimes extraordinary, always unique.



Welcome to the Theatre Paradok’s EUSA profile. I'm so glad you've found us. Theatre Paradok are a performing arts society. Our aim is to put on productions that are experimental without being exclusive. 

Each semester we vote on a play, dedicate our time to it, and put it on. We have performed in venues all over the city; traditional theatres, gothic churches, the basement of McEwan Hall…  We’ve grown hugely over the last ten years, encompassing an ever-growing team of actors, costume-makers, make-up artists, set-designers, artists, musicians, technicians and everything in between. We hope you’d like to be a part of that growing team. We encourage new writing and experimental approaches to theatre. We will be putting on a few workshops each semester this year to develop acting/directing skills and to discuss ‘alternative theatre’ and its meanings. Paradok is an open space where members can try new techniques and learn from each other.

To do so why not find us on Facebook: or email us at

For information about our current production, for the Edinburgh Fringe, ‘The Really big Diamond’, an original musical based on F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Diamond as Big as the Ritz, go to












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