Harassment is any behaviour that is humiliating, intimidating or hostile and may include actions like derogatory name calling, belittling remarks, insults, threats, unwanted personal attention or physical assaults.  Harassment can take place online (via email and social media) as well as by face-to-face contact and telephone calls.

Read our guide to harassment here.

Harassment and bullying are taken very seriously by the University and there are policies in place to deal with incidences of this nature.

If you feel that you are being harassed by a member of University staff or another student come in and speak to an adviser at the Advice Place. We can advise you in confidence and discuss all the options that are open to you as well as providing support. 

Code of Student Conduct

The University does have a Code of Student Conduct that all students of Edinburgh University must adhere to. If you feel that you have been harassed by another student, then this may be dealt with by the school.

You may wish to contact your Head of School, or if you know it, the Head of School of the student who is doing the harassing. Heads of school have a responsibility to ensure that students in their school behave reasonably.

If you have experienced harassment of a sexual nature then women students can contact Rape Crisis, or the Women and child Unit at St. Leonard’s' Police station. See our page for more information on sexual harassment.

If you have experienced racial harassment, contact the police. They have a diversity unit who are there specifically to help people who have been victims of hate crime. That is crime that is motivated by someone’s race, sexual orientation, religion, disability or gender identification. Read more about hate crime on the Scotland’s Police Force Website.

If you want to report that you are being harassed anonymously, the Advice Place can support you in making a remote report to the police. This is a way to report a crime or incident to the Advice Place rather than going to the police directly. Read more about remote reporting here.

If you feel you are being harassed by a member of staff then you could consider going through the University complaints procedure.




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